My challenges will be to tackle what is reputed to be the most difficult Fell Race on the island and in addition attempt the longest one which is classified as an Ultra. The Bradda/Niabyl Fell Race takes place on 13 March 2016. The course last year was included as part of the English Fell Running Championship, 15.5 miles (25km) with 5,869ft (1789m) of ascent. As an extra, I will attempt the Isle of Man Mountain Ultra on 24 September 2016 which is 31.7m (51km) with 8,202ft (2500m) of ascent

The following people have very generously sponsored Michael Tait for his Fell Racing challenges for 2016 in aid of Project 21. Click here to go back to Michael Tait’s profile.

Mary Tait27/01/201650.00-1.9048.10
Anonymity Requested27/01/201620.00-0.8819.12
Lindsey Hotchkiss28/01/20165.00-0.374.63
Douglas Jacobsson30/01/201610.00-0.549.46
Helen Taylor31/01/201610.00-0.549.46
Anonymity Requested31/01/201620.00-0.8819.12
Jim Reid31/01/201610.00-0.549.46
Ralph Haslett02/02/201620.00-0.8819.12
Philip Scales02/02/201620.00-0.8819.12
Anonymity Requested03/02/201610.00-0.549.46
Jimmy Tait03/02/201650.00-1.9048.10
Michael Tait Car Boot Sale07/02/2016100.00-3.6096.40
Jane Foster07/02/201610.00-0.549.46
Neil Corlett10/02/201620.00-0.8819.12
Linda Muirhead15/02/201620.00-0.8819.12
Louise Cho22/02/201610.00-0.549.46
Caroline Helks03/03/201610.00-0.549.46
Emma Campbell13/03/201610.00-0.549.46
Russell Collister14/03/201620.00-0.8819.12
Maura Kelly15/03/201610.00-0.549.46
Anonymity Requested16/03/201650.00-1.9048.10
Michael Tait Card Sales17/03/201615.00-0.7114.29
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Carol and Neil Brogan18/05/201610.00-0.549.46
Terri Salmon18/09/201610.00-0.549.46
Anonymity Requested19/09/201615.00-0.7114.29
Avril Lewin20/09/201610.00-0.549.46
Alison & Mike Crellin21/09/201645.00-1.7343.27
Dawn Kinnish22/09/20165.00-0.374.63
Louise Cho24/09/201620.00-0.8819.12
Rachael Bradbery25/09/201610.00-0.549.46
Michael Tait28/09/201640.00-1.5638.44
Anonymity Requested19/10/201650.00-1.9048.10
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FIM Capital25/04/2016250.000.00250.00
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