Project 21 receives no Government funding. Centre 21 has been built and equipment bought through fundraising and we are constantly looking at ways to improve the facilities and replace equipment. Funds are needed for the general upkeep of the premises. It costs over £20,000 a year to maintain the Centre.


If you would like to help our team please contact Joyce Humphrey – we would love to hear from you. If your place of work is looking for a charity to support, whether for a dress down day at work, a charity function please think of Project 21! Even better, make Project 21 your Charity of the Year!



Volunteers make a vital contribution by giving time and support. If you would like to assist please get in touch with us.

Use of Centre 21

Project 21 receive donations from other clubs and organisations for the use of Centre 21 – football practice in the sports hall for example. If you would like to use Centre 21 for your private function, please get in touch. Click here for more information.


Every single contribution makes a difference to the lives of people with learning difficulties. If you would like to donate to Project 21 (or any of the member charities), please click here.